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What Mother's Day Means to Chelsea

Happy week before Mother's Day!

Miller Chocolate Salty Sweet Milk Chocolate Collection as seen in Real Simple Magazine as a hostess gift guide recommendation.

We're gearing up for our most significant week of spring here at Miller Chocolate, the factory is in bloom as our little east coast town warms up from winter, and I wanted to take a moment to pause and reflect on the women in my life. It also gives me a minute to order them something I know they'll love before we're all sold out for a holiday.

Our team is primarily female, all of whom have chosen to take a path without motherhood so far. For me, life as non-mom and as the Managing Director of a chocolate gifting business that flourishes in such holiday seasons, Mother’s Day is a time to reflect on the women that have chosen to take on a mother role in the lives of others- and ship a lot of chocolate! No matter how diversely we arrive at that role through various family structures and support systems, the value added to those that receive nurturing motherly love in there lives is a gift so grand it's hard to put it to a single day of thanks. 

As we prepare to wrap up many gifts this coming week and handwriting all the lovely notes you send our way to include, I will also celebrate by sending out some gifts of thanks to my unique list of women who are mothers or have mentored me on my journey as a woman. Including the Russo matriarch and my grandmother, Dorothy Russo. Her bravery, drive, loyalty, support, and unstoppable spirit was a significant influence on my character. The original lady boss, a constant in my sometimes less stable youth, and showed me it was all possible. I will never find enough positive words to describe her impact on my life, but I'll look forward to sending her chocolate to enjoy with her friends next weekend in my home state of sunny California. This day is a way to honor and acknowledge all the good she and many others bring to my life - as a member of a family, as a friend, and as a woman leading a business each day. 


Here are a few of my favorite outbound gifts: 

Dark Chocolate Spring Fruit Collection from Miller Chocolate. Southern, Bourbon Peach, and Dark Nib Crunch.

Spring Dark Chocolate Collection

I'll be gifting this collection to my friend Mary who has gone dairy free recently; this collection will be a great meet in the middle solution for those exploring the world of dark chocolate flavors while still enjoying the sweetness of a milkier variety through natural fruit. She's a mother & I appreciate her support of my professional drive and our mutual bravery - qualities that have spurred a friendship that's been a gift and is still blooming.

Salty Sweet Milk Chocolate Collection by Miller Chocolate as seen in Real Simple Magazine Hostess Gift Guide. American made bean to bar chocolate.

Salty Sweet Milk Chocolate Collection

My grandmother, Dorothy will surely be receiving our Salty Sweet Milk Chocolate Collection. It's a crowd-pleasing selection, excellent for sharing, featuring some of our most celebrated bars. She likes to proudly tell the story of our brand's founding years, how much we've grown, and pass around the Salt + Wafer bar as a very first taste. Her pride in the business I've helped build fills my heart with joy.  

Spring Origins Dark Collection by MIller Chocolate. Explore unique tasting notes from chocolate using cacao from Peru, Ghana, Madagascar, Guatemala, and the Dominican Republic.

Spring Origins Dark Collection

I'll be gifting this one to a mother of someone close to me this holiday season that I'll be meeting at a celebration over the holiday weekend. For those that are celebrating in good company as a guest, it's a great dark chocolate taster, this has an added option of being a shared at table conversation piece as everyone explores the flavor profiles together. I like to use the tasting notes on the back to see if the notes are picked up by the group. 


Big Love, 

Chelsea Russo
Managing Director
Miller Chocolate

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