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Meet the Camels behind the Celebrated Camel Milk Chocolate

Hello & happy earth day, 

We are celebrating with the restock of the celebrated limited release Camel Milk Chocolate bar, the only of it's kind being made in the United States. The treat is popular in middle-eastern countries, we knew we needed to find the most creamy, malty, and rich flavor profile around to experience what a camel mark can be when the best ingredients are used.

We knew we had to search out the best camel milk in the world, a niche market within a niche market. As we looked for responsible and sustainable operations making camel milk and then processing it into dried milk powder (what all milk chocolate is made from) it turned out there are only a few places in the world doing it. 

We began sourcing research and landed on a family farm operation in the Netherlands ran by the Smits' family. Their flavor profile is superior and the animals live a natural country lifestyle as if in a dutch masters landscape painting. The photos below are of the family hanging out with the camels that make our bars. We fell in love and as luck had it, they were willing to sell us dried camel milk powder. 

We hope you enjoy this unique bar & learning a bit more about the hunt for unusual ingredients behind it! 

Meet the Camels making the camel milk for our camel milk chocolate bar at the Smit family farm in the Netherlands. Camel Milk Chocolate by Miller Chocolate, meet the camels!

Actual photo of one of the camels who makes milk for our camel milk bar on the family's farm in the Netherlands.


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Chelsea Russo

Managing Director

Miller Chocolate

Chelsea Russo, Managing Director of Miller Chocolate










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