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Hello from the Garden

Hi Friends,

During the summer months, I really enjoy visiting botanical gardens, greenhouses, and parks with shade-providing trees. On a recent trip, I brought in a bar of The Purist, fresh raspberries, and a blanket - sketching in the garden to brainstorm new bar label ideas. Stay tuned for some leafy floral prints on some of our upcoming bars. 

Why so much talk of the Purist bar? It's been sold out for a bit & we're welcoming it back the menu this week! It's great for folks on a low to no sugar diet. Also looks great on a tea platter topped with almond butter, raspberries, edible flowers, and whatever else you have around to craft a delicious one-bite snack for guests. The aged cacao it's made from given this bar a lovely and not too bitter but bold flavor. 


Chelsea Russo
Lady Boss / Co-Founder
Miller Chocolate

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