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Factory Coffeehouse in Chambersburg has gone Cashless!

We accept all major credit cards, gift cards, and will be soon expanding our loyalty app at the Factory Coffeehouse in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. 

There are many reasons why this benefits you:

    1. Even more efficient transactions
      Spend less time counting change and more time enjoying your mochas, pastries, or chocolate. 
    2. Convenient rewards tracking
      Our in-store clients enjoy loyalty rewards; credit transactions are automatically linked and require no manual entry. 
    3. Technology has made it possible!
      The technology is here for businesses to be cashless, decreasing employee cash counting at opening and close as well as increasing security for the team. 
    4. It’s a more sustainable option
      Fewer runs to get change or deposit means a better carbon footprint for our operation. 
    5. Enhanced store operations
      Less time counting and more time making your day great ;)

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