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Nathan Miller and Chelsea Russo, co-founders of Miller Chocolate Factory. A fond farewell to Nathan Miller, may he rest in peace.

This last weekend our company lost the chocolate visionary and co-founder of Miller Chocolate. Nathan passed away suddenly following a 4-year health battle he went through privately with the support of loved ones. 

Nathan and I started a journey many years ago to build this brand, a deep bond and grew so much over the years together. He's touched many lives with his quiet wisdom, brilliant artistic energy, and determination to make his mark. As we grieve his loss & celebrate what he did with his short time on earth, may this post be a place to reflect on the moments his chocolate vision or person made a difference in our world.  

As the company approaches the 10-year mark, we're continuing our project with his teachings and will always see the artistry of his vision in our products.

With love and sincere gratitude, a fond farewell to a great man who saw my abilities as a leader in my early 20s before I fully knew them myself.


Chelsea Russo

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Miller Chocolate


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